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The Department of English, Pondicherry University, proposes a


Ecocriticism has evolved into a full-fledged theory over the past two decades. Its simple, easy-to-understand, yet sufficiently complex theoretical positions, have been foregrounded and debated across regional, national and international forums. A long time ago even derogated as mere sentimental nature writing, this critical practice has grown much beyond its amateur position in the theoretical gallery of the post-deconstructive intellectual depression into a full-fledged method of critical practice, creating its own aesthetic, ethical, social and political spaces. However, for the most, in our part of the world this has been practiced in isolation and amidst small coteries, and sometimes often misconstrued, resorted to, and even evoked for the wrong reasons inadvertently. Nevertheless, with the founding and establishment of ASLE India, this forum has been consistently expanding and becoming more integrated diversifying into new directions with renewed impetus. Dialogic and non-deterministic, this critical practice has now come into its own maturity—this situation calls for a national conference of the proposed kind.

This conference aims at bringing together intellectuals, academics, research scholars and teachers from across India to debate and deliberate on its new bearings and future prospects. Explorations in and through new texts and renewed contexts are particularly welcome.

Papers and panels are invited under the following broad areas:

  • Ecocritical theories—their relevance and continuity
  • Eco feminism
  • Ecology and the region
  • Energy and earth
  • The Eco in Economics
  • The Literature of Nature
  • Regional focus on ecological theories

However, your proposals need not be limited to this alone —suggestions, observations are welcome.

Last date for receipt of 300 word abstracts: 30th July 2011
Email to: [email protected]

Dr. Murali Sivaramakrishnan
Professor and Head, Department of English
Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
Phones: +91 413 2654344 (office) 2654351 (direct)



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