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ASLE India announces its First book on Ecological critical theory and practice:

The book is available through all major book sellers or could also be procured directly from the publishers:
Prestige Books
3/28 East Patel Nagar,
NewDelhi 110008
Ph: 9818755529
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.asiabookclub.com

About the Book:

Nature and Human Nature: Literature, Ecology, Meaning— > is an attempt to interrogate the human and non-human nexus and difference. Environmental discourse the world over has reiterated a paradigm shift from the anthropocentric to the biocentric and holistic—and the essays in this volume initiate attention toward the interrelationship of imagination and the world-out-there. Theorising through ecologically self-reflexive criticism, it is argued, is a reintegration of the text and the world, history and narrative, meaning and value. While such an attempt poses challenges to any universal value system, it moves to reinstate the living experience of reality and multidimensionality of experience, transcending the mutually exclusive categories of centre and periphery.
The essays in this volume seek to explore and problematise this vast field of human experience bordering non-human nature, in a sincere and whole-hearted manner with openness and commitment. Methodological and disciplinary differences notwithstanding, the attempt here is a collective search for the holistic understanding of nature and human nature.

About the Editor

Murali Sivaramakrishnan is Professor and Head, Department of English, Pondicherry University. A poet, painter and critic, is the author of The Mantra of Vision: An Overview of Sri Aurobindo’s Aesthetics (1997). He has also published several articles on art, aesthetics, literature and environment and lectured at various international forums.

Ecological and environmental concerns appear to be self evident in the present. We hear a lot about eco- crisis, eco-logic, eco-tourism and so on. In view of the amazing amount of sophisticated theoretical debates that are going on in academic and scholarly circles these days one could safely venture to state that ecological thinking has come to stay with us. This is definitely the Age of Ecology. This might be certainly not very well equally applicable in all situations, climes and cultures. Nature is no more looked upon as a dauntless adversary to be over come and controlled. The human being’s dominant role as conqueror and overlord of the land and other nonhuman life has been conveniently laid aside. 

He is the founder President of ASLE India. (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment)

Address For Correspondence
E-16 Professor’s Quarters, Pondicherry University,
Pondicherry 605 014
Phones: 0413-2654351 (office)
0413-2656101 (home)
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Contributors include pioneers of Ecological Criticism in the U.S. like Scott Slovic and Cheryl Glotfelty-- from the University of Nevada at Reno; John Hausdoerffer-- Director of Environmental Studies, at Gunnison, Colorado; Lori Pye-- Executive Director of Foundation for Mythological Studies, California; Peter Mathews, freelance artist from Mexico; Rufus Cook academic and writer; Debora Bird Rose noted critic and academic from the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, The Australian National University; Huang I-min and Robin Tsai of the Department of English at Tamkang University, Taiwan and other contributors from India: S Murali (Pondicherry);Usha VT (Pondicherry);Swarnalatha( IIT Chennai);Mamta Sagar (Hyderabad);Venugopal Reddy(Pondicherry);Srikumar (Pondicherry);Krishna Barua (Guwahati);Anto Thomas (Kerala);Rajesh Kumar (Jharkhand);Dhishna(Pondicherry) ;Amrutaraj(Pondicherry) and others


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